Everyone needs assistance, whether they are mobile or disabled. But the disabled need assistance even more. In fact, they need a special kind of assistance.

Comparatively few persons can genuinely understand, sympathize and empathize with the challenges that disabled people have to deal with on a day-to-day basis. What most of us often take for granted, such as simply walking up and down a flight of stairs, for instance, is not taken lightly by the disabled. To them, doing such thing is hardly a simple exercise, it can be more than a task. Many people do not fully appreciate the plight of the disabled until it happens to a loved one or they themselves may become disabled, due to a tragic accident or because of the ravages of advancing age, and the aches and pains that comes with it.

Why should we be concerned with the disabled? Because it's just the right and instinctive thing to do; disabled people are not just disabled, they're people too, like everyone else, mobile or immobile. They are mothers, fathers, grandparents, siblings. They are co-workers, schoolmates. They are are our next-door neighbors and close friends. And more importantly, they count, just like everyone else, and they're just as useful and competent as any mobile person, if not better. They are not to be disparaged or despised just because of their condition, as if society was somehow punishing them for being disabled.

Please keep in mind that any one of us can be in their situation at any time, regardless of how healthy and agile we may be. An accident, a prolonged illness, for instance, could in the long run lead to our being disabled. And when that occurs-hopefully it won't ever-then, and only then will the challenges that the disabled face everyday will be realized.

How can we help the disabled? By being kind, considerate and respectful of their dignity. One thing we can all do to that end is not to stare at them, as if they were not human. Another factor is to treat them the same way you would have treated them if they weren't disabled. For example, when they ride public transportation, cooperate with them by offering up your seat or immediately rising when we are instructed to give up our seat to them in their designated area, which is required by law. Happily, there are concerned people who are making their valuable contribution to helping the disabled One of them is Sell That Car a cash for cars service provider, located in San Diego, California, who makes cars that are wheelchair-accessible and also the website

The disabled-valuable citizens of society.